9th Human Orca Mural at Spokane Earth Day

Backbone provided inflatable props to the Spokane Earth Day celebration and created its 9th Human Orca Mural, amidst the intense rain and wind!

Backbone Campaign HQ & Backbone Spokane joined forces to bring artful activism to the Spokane Earth Day celebration. We worked with our buddies at Save Our Wild Salmon to create the 9th human orca mural since last July when orca mother Tahlequah and her pod alerted us all to the urgency of their plight and the need for restoring chinook salmon runs.

This creative action is a simple yet powerful ritual to connect people to what they love and to others who share their values. It is a unique organizing method that builds the cohesion and resolve of our communities to take action so that future generations will be blessed with plentiful salmon and thriving orcas.

To make a donation to keep these actions happening for the Southern Residents and wild salmon, pitch in HERE.