Strategic Campaign Planning & Avoiding Burn Out

workshop13.jpgStrategic Campaign Planning & Avoiding Burn Out

Core & Direct Action: (2.5 Hours)

Some people wonder if the state of the world needs to get worse to motivate more people to make it better. More likely, we need to organize more effectively. An endless montage of creative tactics wont win us the world we want. Our campaigns are much more likely to succeed if we cultivate the skills needed to alleviate our nearsightedness and develop a long-term vision. Also, we can hardly be effective agents of change without some degree of personal care to make our engagement sustainable.

Looking at the big picture - strategy, targets, setting goals/objectives, choosing tactics etc. This workshop goes over the basics of how to build the campaign you need to create change. It will cover: planning campaigns to be more cohesive, effective and strategic steps needed to implement an effective campaign, identifying your targets, building a network of strategic alliances, and how to coherently evaluate what’s working and not working in existing campaigns. The workshop also explores the concept of burn out in the activist movement, and how to avoid it within your group.

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