Student Loan Justice - Join the Demonstration in DC on April 17

Education is a Human Right. Join the Demonstration in DC for Student Loan Justice, April 17th.

Higher Education ought to be FREE. Backbone Campaign and are collaborating to get moving images into the national media and inspire the public imagination and aspirations to lift the burden on our students and graduates.  

Backbone has sent its giant inflatable debt ball to DC for the demonstration for Student Loan Justice, April 17.  

If you are in the DC area, you can help.  Show up at the TBD staging location.  IF POSSIBLE please bring a cap and gown - and extra if you have any. 

Pitch in to support this image by clicking HERE. 

Organizers are calling for:

  • Congress to pass bill H.R. 2366
  • The Return of Constitutional bankruptcy rights for ALL STUDENT LOANS

More information about the event is here.

If you cannot physically attend, please make a donation here to support these events. With your help, we'll get Backbone's giant, inflatable student loan "ball and chain" inflated and mobilized! 

IF YOU ARE IN NYC - a demonstration will be in NYC at Trump Tower the day before.  Show up and stand in solidarity!


Bill Moyer Philip Ateto Amy Morrison

Will you come?