Humor and ridicule of tyrants is a timeless tradition we are proud to be part of.  Our grave concerns mount as the stage is being set for the Predator-in-Chief Donald Trump to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s profane buffoonery and criminal incompetence are an insult to rights and protections people have fought and died for abroad and at home in the social movements that have improved our society.

Backbone Campaign is resolved to stand with our allies across the country in staunch defense of the shared aspiration for a real and just democracy - and - in principled, courageous resistance to the nightmare of dictatorship that Trump’s demagoguery is leading our country toward. Once again, it's up to We the People to pave the way for our elected officials to do their duty and ensure we continue to move toward democracy not dictatorship. We can do that with both courage and with humor.

Pitch-in to support the Arrest Donald Trump tour to make more actions like yesterday's possible.  this can happen across the country. 

FYI - Citizen’s Arrest actions are in the works for Los Angeles, Boston, DC, San Diego, and many other cities. Join in this on creative effort HERE.  

Working together, we can fill up #45's twitterverse with calls for his removal.  Only when a country has the backbone to impeach and indict corrupt leaders do we set a precedent of accountability and make possible a government of, by and for the people.)


Thank you again to everyone who made yesterday's action possible - Phil, Kim, Jo, Erik, Owen, People's Puppets, as well as the many Vashon volunteers who built the four Trump Heads. Nothing of value happens without TEAMWORK!  

With Gratitude and Anticipation for a fantastic 2018, 

Happy New Year!