Trump Papier-Mache Bobble Head Puppet and Jailbird Costume


Fill out our Request Form to mobilize our Trump Papier-Mache head and Jailbird suit in your community!

Everyone who meets this guy will be happy for a chance to perform a Citizen's Arrest. Take your pick from the long list of arrestable offenses. 

Resist Trump's assault on our liberties and society's slide towards tyranny. With the equivalent of a renegade corporation at the helm of the highest office in the land, we've got to pull out all the stops. 

It's time to Make This Head Roll! 


Your shipping box will arrive with the papier mache head, jailbird suit and teeny tiny hands.

Whether you're borrowing a Trump Head or think it's a great idea, Pitch In HERE toward the cost of shipping this head across the country!

Check out our citizen's arrest in action at Trump Tower in NYC

Build the movement demanding Trump's impeachment. Use these "Impeach Trump Accountability Cards" for your action!

If you're using a computer, move your cursor over and out of the image to read each side of the card (If you have a smartphone tap in and out of the image)

Impeach Trump Cartoon