Help Backbone Buy An Action Van

We've spent a lot of time "under the hood" on the side of the road lately working on our 1995 box truck. Amy is ready to let it go. Bill is still hanging on but looking for an exit strategy.

Regardless, Backbone needs to update our mobile action capacity. At the very least, we need an Action Van for hauling gear when our 24' box truck is just too much, but a car won't cut it. Anything from a minivan with Stow-N-Go seats to a panel or sprinter van could work.

We are looking for a used vehicle in good working condition with capacity to haul gear and attach a boat trailer.  Your contribution will help us get the best vehicle possible and modify to suit Backbone needs. A Please consider pitching in to help get this done. 

FYI - Backbone is a 501c3 so your donation is tax deductible - and if you or someone you know has a vehicle to donate/sell - some or part of that could qualify for a tax write off. 

Thanks for pitching in. We can't do this work without you. 
In solidarity & gratitude, 
Team Backbone



GOAL: $20,000.00



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Contributions are tax deductible.