Bellingham Kayaktivist Trainings and House Party

Small_1000_px_John_duffy_gates_divest_paddle_2_person_fun_22472283965_c2a34e2f0b_k_copy.jpgThe ONLY #BreakFree Kayaktivist trainings for your area are this Saturday at 10am (RSVP HERE) & 2pm (RSVP HERE). (No Boat Needed)

*** TONIGHT - House Party at Friday 7 - 9pm: Join Us to celebrate victorious efforts to stop fossil fuel infrastructure and support Kayaktivism at Break Free & the Backbone Campaign.

  • Good food, beer and wine, great company, amazing silent auction. 
  • Please RSVP to Debbie at 360-920-0981 or Eric at 805-776-3882
  • 1510 Mill Ave. Bellingham (near WTA bus 14 & 401)
  • Volunteers needed, call Debbie at 360-920-0981
  • Bring a friend, we bet we can inspire them to join the movement!

Earn your Kayaktivist merit badge!
kayaktivists_shellno_paddle_in_seattle.jpgJoin us at 10am and 2pm on Saturday to practice your paddle and rescue skills (no boat required, but bring one if you have one). There are 3 levels of training before you achieve sensei status.

Bellingham Kayaktivist trainings:

  • Saturday Morning at 10am, RSVP HERE 
    • Saturday April 30th from 10am to 1:30pm
    • Boulevard Park 470 Bayview Dr
  • Saturday Afternoon at 2pmRSVP HERE 
    • Saturday April 30th from 2 - 5:30pm
    • Boulevard Park 470 Bayview Dr

May 2nd 8pm on Monday - Screening of the movie Disobedience following Re-Sources Clean Energy Monthly Activist Meeting. More info HERE


PS: Looking for more info on #BreakFree? Watch this video HERE and sign-up to join the fun at