Has the US forced Russia to over-extend itself - or - is Russia baiting the US into WWIII?

As Phyllis Bennis notes, despite all the hypocrisy of US criticism of military intervention and the legitimate points about US baiting Russia into over extending itself to resist NATO expansion, its violent response through the invasion of Ukraine is wrong and dangerous. Our response to that invasion could make things far worse. (See Phyllis Bennis here) In a recent FB post, an old friend (with extensive military background and a student of history) mentioned that perhaps the slow but continually growing Russian convoy is not a failure, but actually a Russian tactic to tempt US/NATO into an extremely dangerous escalation. Noting that his air attack buddies were salivating at the chance to get a crack at that sitting duck, he speculated that to do so could be exactly what Russia is seeking. Such an escalation could be just the thing for bringing China into the fight opening a Pacific front with an invasion of Taiwan. His speculation resonates as an accurate assessment. So, I think we should all check our armchair enthusiasm for escalation, despite all good intentions. Continue reading

Womxn's March 2019: Building Power for Love & Liberation

Here are some upcoming events - we hope you'll join us!   Continue reading

March Forth with Backbone! March 2017 eNewsletter

These are troubling times. But together, we can transform the threat of doom into a promising bloom. A We Are All in This Together movement is blossoming and Backbone is present to nurture that.  We are eager to share tools and skills to increase your impact and effectiveness as a change agent. Here are just some of the ways you can March Forth with Backbone this month and beyond. No matter where you live, Backbone is here for YOU! You can order your banner tool kit, check out a Trump Bobblehead or other prop, become a part of a Solidarity Brigade, share lessons on our solidarity web-conference calls, or attend one of our many workshops or trainings. This is just the beginning of how we plan to support your work to Resist, Protect & Create. [And don't miss the 50% eBook Coupon for Solutionary Rail below. Only Good through March 4!]  Intro to Upcoming Opportunities: (details below) [view this email in your browser here] Tuesday, March 7, 6pm Overpass Banner Building Team at Backbone warehouse to build a banner.  Call 206-408-8058 if you want to be on the Seattle banner deployment team. Wednesday, March 8, 5pm Solutionary Rail organizing call RSVP HERE.  Friday-Saturday, March 10-11 - Resist - Protect - Create!  (Overnight) Training Weekend for Strategy, Tactics, and Campaign Design on Vashon Island  Tuesday, March 13, 5 pm - National Solidarity Call - Infuse your activism with Art! Learn how you can access Backbone's props on this monthly call with Backbone Organizing Director Eric Ross. (Save the date on your calendar; registration details for the call will be sent next week.) Saturday-Sunday, March 25-26 - Cultural Healing & Anti-Oppression for Collective Liberation - (Overnight) Weekend Training on Vashon Island  Save the dates! April 1-2, Media Making and Storytelling workshop on Vashon Island; April 22, Community Organizing Training at O-Space on Vashon Island; July 25-August 1 LocalizeThis! Action Camp on Vashon Island (in its 9th year) We are Grateful for your support and collaboration EVERYDAY.  If you can pitch-in, support Backbone Campaign's work HERE TODAY! Continue reading