2017 Camp Schedule

Localize This! Action Camp is where veteran and novice change agents, and young climate activists 13-17, come together to deepen their skills at effecting social change

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Partial Schedule of Confirmed Workshop Offerings:

Monday the 24th is Setup -  Volunteer to Help! (call/text 805-776-3882 or email [email protected])

Tuesday the 25th

  • 9AM - Welcoming & Opening Circle
  • Anti Oppression Practices (w/ Jenna Peters-Golden of the Anti-Oppression Resource Training Alliance, AORTA)
  • Tours of Tracks: Blockades and Climbing, Kayaktivism, and Artful Activism
  • Briefing on Indigenous-led Resistance to PSE's Fracked Gas Infrastructure in the Port of Tacoma.
  • Asset-Based Community Organizing (w/ Jim Diers)


Wednesday the 26th

  • Grand Strategy and Theory of Change (w/ Bill Moyer and Special Guests)
  • Tips for Making an Action Video (w/Daniel Lee)
  • Resisting Divide & Conquer Tactics (w/ Jenna Peters-Golden of AORTA)
  • Strategic Campaign Design Panel, Training and workshopping of your campaigns.
  • Ballot Initiative Organizing (w/ Cindy Black of Fix Democracy First)
  • Corporate Pressure Campaigns - When Asking Nicely Isn't Enough (w/ Amanda Schemkes)
  • Personhood and Power, Rights and Racism (w/ Daniel Lee).
  • Climb Training
  • Kayaktivism
  • Train the Trainer workshop (w/ Jenna Peters-Golden of AORTA)
  • Technical Blockade Building Workshop (w/ Gedden)
  • Know Your Rights: A Legal Primer for Activists (w/ Amanda Schemkes)

small_backbone_drum_brigade_at_TPP___Betrayal_during_2016_Localize_This_camp_27354597073_4889064f6e_z.jpgThursday the 27th

  • Escalation of Creative Tactics, Action Design, Pitching Actions and Action Planning
  • Climbing 
  • Kayaktivism
  • Non-Violent Direct Action
  • Facilitating Challenging Conversations (w/ Meg Wade of 350Seattle)
  • Security Culture (w/ Amanda Schemkes)
  • Exploration of Distributed Organizing Models - Facilitated Discussion of Solidarity Brigade Network and a Panel with Community Supported Organizers
  • Speaking Your Truth to Power - Challenging Institutionalized Agism (w/ Amanda Blaine)

Tripod_training_in_michigan_with_steph_IMG_1488_mini_(2).jpgFriday the 28th

  • Climbing
  • Kayaktivism
  • Movement Action Planning model for Social Movement Organizing (w/ Mary Lou Finley)
  • How to build a Meaningful and Lasting Coalition between POC and White Allies (w/ Zarna Joshi of Women of Color Speak Out)
  • Non-Violent Communication (w/ Amanda Blaine)
  • Building Ginormous Inflatable Puppets, Stitching 101 (w/ Riki Ott & friends)
  • Radical Consent: Protecting Your "Yes" with a Powerful "No" (w/ Amanda Blaine)
  • Giant Banner Building and Guerrilla Light Projection (w/ Phil, Eric and friends)
  • Song & Dance Flashmobbing (w/ Bill Moyer & friends)
  • Solutionary Organizing Panel
  • Ant-Racist Organizing without Enemy Images (w/ Amanda Blaine)

michigan_action_camp_localize_this_14610776628_bfceb8a717_o.jpgSaturday the 29th

  • Kayaktivism
  • Skill-shares and Participant-led Workshops
  • Intro to U.S. Environmental Law & Politics
  • Climbing
  • We Almost Didn’t Make It - Exploring uncertainties about the future from the perspective of our descendants (w/ Beverly Naidus and Carol Rashawnna of ARTifACTs)
  • Tripod Blockades (w/ Gedden)
  • Equity & Environmental Justice
  • "The Way Out Is In" - Healing the Fragmentation from Ourselves and Others (w/ Dr. Fatmeh Kassme)
  • Drumming for Demonstrations
  • Working with our Fear Responses
  • Tactical Communications / Radios (w/ Gedden)
  • Youth Climate Action in the Pacific Northwest & Worldwide Panel

Sunday the 30th

  • Prep Day for Final Action  - Come Help Make Art!
  • Kayaktivist War Games (on-water role play)
  • Climbing
  • Racism_is_the_elephant_in_the_room_living_room_conversations_beyond_denial_20370276604_1eb9888c24_o.jpgInternational Environmental Law & Politics
  • Youth Climate Campaign Strategy Session

Monday the 31st

  • Final Action

Now, more than ever, we need to come together to vision, strategize, and skill-up in order to create the world we yearn for!


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