Alessandra Mondolfi: Virtuosic Artful Activism

We are honored to present the 2019 Backbone Award: "Virtuosic Artful Activism" to Alessandra Mondolfi.

She is ever raising the bar for beauty and truth, facing fear with courage and determination. Alessandra's compelling art universally engages people and inspires deeper action.

This past year, she brought media attention to Homestead (the for-profit prison caging child asylum seekers), bringing politicians, presidential candidates, and people all over the country to call for its shutdown. It was announced this week that Homestead will be shutting down entirely at the end of next month!

Thank you, Alessandra, for your relentless work and dedication.

Alessandra is a Backbone Community Supported Organizer; you can support her creative work with a one time or monthly contribution that will help her pay for supplies, travel, and other costs of being a full time activist.  Make a tax-deductible contribution HERE.






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