Sign the Pledge of Action, Demand #No253Refinery

Sign the Pledge of Action -  join the thousands opposed to this methanol refinery and take action to broadcast the shared values of a safe, sustainable, vision for our future, one in which we can all be proud of.

If peddlers of this petrochemical plant (the largest in the world) got their way, China would siphon off precious resources and leave our community on the hook with all the hazards and a plethora of poisonous byproducts. Now, RedLine Tacoma, Backbone Campaign, as well as growing numbers of concerned residents from across Washington state are taking action to say #No253Refinery! We've got to act fast, will you join us?

60 pledge of actions

Pledge Action, #ProtectTacoma

It's going to take ALL of us to stop this petrochemical plant and steer us away from this dangerous path. Your neighbors and friends are stepping up, sharing their gifts and skills to build up a joyous and energized community of people taking action the best ways they know how.

What does action look like? 

  • Joining us on overpasses to get the word out to thousands of commuters with LED light panels and giant banners
  • Casting a giant message on downtown buildings with our Guerrilla Light Projection
  • Lending a hand at community art builds
  • Conversing with your neighbors and inviting other community members to share their concerns
  • Offering a carpool to a community meeting or public hearing
  • Everyone has a unique gift to share to our growing movement, bring yours!
  • AND - take the first step by signing this Pledge of Action!

#NoMethanol253 #ProtectTacoma #No253Refinery

Will you pledge to take action?