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Ever heard of a green or clean petrochemical plant? Neither have we. Lock arms together to #ProtectTacoma & the surrounding Puget Sound from all the hazards, poisons, and byproducts that would come from a new refinery.

Regulations and warped economics fail to assess the true costs of fossil fuel infrastructure. Those who profit off such projects don't factor into their balance sheets the detrimental impacts. The strain on precious resources that go in, the poisonous byproducts and emissions that flow out, or the ramifications of a destabilized climate are hardly accounted for.

Instead, it's up to us to come together and tirelessly fight for a livable future. "We The People" may be all that stands in the way of the recklessness and shortsightedness that would gamble away the health and wellbeing of our communities, the environment, and a habitable climate. The creativity, compassion, and fortitude we muster to say "No" are the same capacities that we'll draw upon to create a future we can all be proud of.