Our Future Is Renewable

Join the “Our Future Is Renewable” creative action at the “California: Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice” march in San Francisco on September 8th!

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This project consists of 15 wind turbines that are kinetic (wind activated), 30 solar panels with subtle messages on them and a text banner. This action requires 50 volunteers to bring it to life! 

Participation would involve: dressing in all white, carrying one of the props for the duration of the event and marching as a group in a choreographed manner.  I.E. the wind turbines would be all together and march in between 2 groups of 15 solar panels each with the text banner behind the group.

The march begins at 10 am and volunteers should gather at 9 am at a location TBD to distribute the props, go over the details, take a group shot and then march together as a group to the starting point of the event.

The intention of the action is that with the banner, the solar panels and the wind turbines, the project would read, at first glance as a climate/environmental statement in support of 100% renewable energy. 

As the march is also about jobs and justice, the subtle messages/slogans on the solar panels would, upon closer inspection, address a variety of social issues in addition to the environmental ones. Topics would include: fracking, immigration reform, gun reform, offshore drilling, racial bias, freedom of the press, fossil fuel dependency, LGBTQ rights, voting, clean water, reproductive autonomy, etc. 

Besides The Backbone Campaign, this action is supported by 100 Days Action!

To participate please RSVP BELOW Alessandra will contact you and provide details as we get closer to the date.

Pitch in to make this event a success HERE!

The event also needs photographers and videographers to document the action.

Let’s rise together for environmental, racial and economic justice for ALL!

"A million thanks and I look forward to marching with you." ~Alessandra Mondolfi

You can see more images of her work and follow the progress of the fabrication of the props on Instagram.

Will you come?