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Yes On I-1631: Bellingham

12 Oct 18: Folks in Bellingham projected "Yes on I-1631" ahead of midterm elections. Continue reading

GOTV: Tallahassee

Folks in Tallahassee's Stone Street Soup Action Groupย registered voters and collected signatures for a citizens initiative to restore rights to ex-felons. Continue reading

Save The Orca Bannering: Portland

5 Oct 18: The morning before a large rally, folks deployed an overpass banner to raise awareness about both the orcas and the rally. Continue reading

Save Our Orcas Rally: Army Corps of Engineers

5 Oct 18: Folks traveled to Portland from Backbone HQ with visuals to support this Save the Orca demonstration outside the NW division of the Army Corps of Engineers. Continue reading

Save The Orca Projection: Portland

4 Oct 18: After the pop-up training, folks headed downtown to project save the orca messaging and promote the rally the following day. Continue reading

Pop-Up Artful Activism Training: Portland

4 Oct 18:ย Folks traveled from Backbone HQ to support the Portland Solidarity Brigade and show local folks some of the tactics Backbone has to offer. Continue reading

ENews October 2018

With nightfall happening earlier, Backbone activists across the country are at the ready to light up the darkness, taking a stand to protect what you love - justice, orca and salmon, clean energy, a future worthy of our children. Continue reading

Baby Trump At Pence Speech: Spokane

2 Oct 18: Pence spoke at a fundraiser in Spokane. We were there to greet him with the giant inflatable Trump Baby. Continue reading

Pre-Pence Speech Overpass Bannering: Spokane

2 Oct 18: After the previous night's training and light projection, folks headed out to I-90 to use the same "Stop Kavanaugh" LED banner. Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh And Pre-Pence Visit Projection: Spokane

1 Oct 18: After the training at UU Spokane, folks headed over to the Wells Fargo building in Spokane to project ahead of Pence's visit on the 2nd. Continue reading

Pop-Up Artful Activism Training: Spokane

1 Oct 18: Folks traveled from Backbone HQ to support the Spokane Solidarity Brigade and show local folks some of the tactics Backbone has to offer. Continue reading

"We Won't Be Silent Anymore": Miami

29 Sept 18: Artist Alessandra Mondolfi projected "We Won't Be Silent Anymore" in Miami during the Kavanaugh hearings. Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh: Anchorage

27 Sept 18: Three activists who have been active in the fight against Kavanaugh did light projection in downtown Anchorage.ย  Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh: San Diego

27 Sept 18: Backbone San Diego projected several messages on the courthouse related to supporting women and stopping both Kavanaugh and Trump. Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh: DC

12 Sept 18: DC Solidarity Brigade projected message against Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh onto the back/East side of the Supreme Court. Continue reading

#StopKavanaugh: Tallahassee

Tallahassee Solidarity Brigade projected onto the Tallahassee Supreme Court Building. Continue reading

Free The Snake Flotilla

8 Sept 18: The Backbone Contingent of the Free the Snake Flotilla came out from all over the state, but especially from Vashon! We deployed banners both on and off water in support of Save our Wild Salmon and the Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment who are trying to restore wild salmon populations by advocating for removing four dams on the Lower Snake River. Continue reading

Overpass Bannering: Save the Orca

6 September 18: Folks met up on the N 92nd overpass over I-5 from 7-9am to reach commuters going into Seattle. Continue reading

Overpass Bannering: Orca Task Force Meeting

Folks brought a large banner out to an I-5 overpass in Seattle on the day of an Orca Task Force Meeting in Anacortes. Continue reading

#AbolishICE Vigil: Seattle

Folks from Backbone HQ supported those holding vigil outside an ICE office in Seattle. Continue reading