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Stop Salmon Extinction - Tacoma Rally

Backbone brought percussion, props and banners to the Stop Salmon Extinction Rally in Tacoma on March 26th.   Continue reading

Human Orca Mural on San Juan Island

Great Orca Mural on San Juan Island! Thank you to everyone who showed up!  Continue reading

Stand with Ukraine Light Projection

Backbone projected Heidi Phelps' “Stand with Ukraine” image on the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Continue reading

Across the PNW, citizens stand up for rivers and salmon on Int'l Day of Action for Rivers

In cities across the Northwest (Bend, Boise, Wenatchee, Spokane, Edmonds, Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Walla Walla, Vashon, Tacoma, and more), people who love salmon and rivers took action with banners on overpasses and busy intersections on International Day of Action for Rivers, March 14th 2022. For a folder of images on flickr, click HERE.   Continue reading

Electrify Everything Now!

Citizens in Maryland concerned about the climate took their concerns to the state House with an Electrify Everything Now rally and light projection. Continue reading

Police Accountability Now! supported with light projection the Anne Arundel Co Police Accountability Coalition's rally and press conference in support of a strong Police Accountability Board. Six weeks after this light projection, the County Council voted to adopt the Accountability Board. Continue reading

NEW Orca Spotted! TV News Covers Backbone Action

Backbone made the news this week, with this beautiful action in downtown Seattle. To mark the UN's World Wildlife Day, we gathered a bunch of friends who love salmon and orca to create a Human Orca Mural. The action called on Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray, Governor Jay Inslee, and President Joe Biden to nourish the Southern Resident orca (including the new orca calf spotted this week!) and to save the Snake River salmon from extinction by BREACHING the four Lower Snake River dams. We are very grateful to all those who helped make this possible.   Continue reading

Southern Company: Why You So Ashy?

Backbone Solidarity Brigade members Steve, Phil and Jacob attended the Arm in Arm General Assembly in Birmingham, to train folks in light projection. With our EJ friends at GASP, they deployed our giant inflatable elephant!

Honks Support Salmon

In Spokane WA, a group of four deployed a "Stop the Extinction: Breach Snake Dams" banner over busy 1-90.  Continue reading

No More War

Backbone and allies bannered in Seattle over I-5 on the Global Day of Action, Saturday, Feb 5th, to say let's escalate peace and decarbonize, to make a difference in people's lives. The banner read: Escalate Peace Fight Climate Change No More War The global day of action was organized by Code Pink and Roots Action. Backbone Campaign has joined their call for the de-escalation of the conflict with Russia and a focus on the problems that are facing us all as a people on this planet. Continue reading

Save the Snake!

Community Bannering in Seattle. Seattleites joined the Snake River Savers and Backbone to deploy banners in Seattle, WA. 2022 is shaping up to be a critical time of action to save Pacific North West ecological life and free the Snake River from its choke of dams. Follow along with Backbone and our partners to lend a hand in this historic moment.  Continue reading

Since I Been Down - Film Screening and Panel Discussion

Backbone co-hosted the screening of Since I Been Down, followed by a Panel Discussion with Gilda Sheppard, Director; Lydia Barlow, Associate Producer & Founder of Fabian's Fund; Ginny Parham, Shoulder to Shoulder; and Willie Nobles, Fabian's Fund Program Manager. Susan McCabe was the Moderator.   Continue reading

Taking the Factory Trawler Bycatch Fight to Whole Foods

Salmon people, community fisherfolk, and organizers with the Alaska Big Village Network and Block Corporate Salmon are taking ongoing action to protest the ecocidal actions by well known fish certifiers, the Marine Stewardship Council and the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.   Continue reading

Boycott Puma Action in Boston

Projectionists supported BDS Boston with their boycott of PUMA Campaign in solidarity with over 200 Palestinian sports teams.    Continue reading

Experimenting with Digital Projection on Seattle's Docks

Backbone deployed a new mobile screen and digital projection on the Coleman Dock in Seattle, WA to commemorate the 30th anniversary of listing Snake River Sockeye as an endangered species.  Continue reading

Save Wild Salmon! - Seattle, WA

Backbone teamed up with outdoor company Patagonia to garner support for removing the Lower Snake River dam. Keep reading to find out why damming this river damns our wild salmon!     Continue reading

Report from the frontlines of COP26

CSO Jacob Johns and supplies traveled to the frontline activists at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland.  Continue reading

Declare Climate Emergency Banner in DC

Backbone Campaign's "Declare a Climate Emergency" banner was sent to DC to support the People VS Fossil Fuels week of action. This incredibly beautiful banner is a replica of Alessandra Mondolfi's original protest art made of hand sewn felt. The Backbone replica is made of rip-stop nylon, with minor adjustments for readability and ease of deployment. Continue reading

Backbone Banners at the Adolescent Redemption Project Rally in Lansing Michigan

On Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021 outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, a coalition of organizations, community members, and activists rallied at Michigan's state capitol to advocate for the release of incarcerated people serving long-term to life sentences in prison and to support their families. Watch a great video with highlights here Backbone was brought in to support through the Adolescent Redemption Project. Banner messages read: End Michigan's Secret Death Row Mercy Militia Mercy Justice Healing It was an honor to be part of this important and moving event. Continue reading

Indigenous Peoples Day Bannering

On October 11th, Indigenous People's Day, folks in cities and towns across the Pacific Northwest held banners in solidarity with tribes who overwhelmingly have called on elected officials to take action to remove the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River. Banner actions happened in Boise, ID; Seattle, WA; Vashon Island, WA; and Wenatchee, WA, as well as other locations. To learn more and stand with tribes on this issue, see, a project of the Nez Perce/Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment.   Continue reading

Voting Rights or the Filibuster?

TIME TO CHOOSE: VOTING RIGHTS OR THE FILIBUSTERIt is time for Democrats to do somethingProjections in Downtown Portland Maine push that voting is the heartbeat of a democracy. Our voting rights are under constant attack so it's time to choose...Voting rights or the Filibuster. Democracy or Autocracy. Their presences is a reminder that we delivered the Democrats control of the House, Senate and Presidency...time to do something. Democracy can't wait. #WeCantWaitGraphic by #creativeCourage Continue reading

World Rivers Day Multi City Banner Action

Salmon and orca loving activists in 10 locations across the Pacific Northwest showed up for World Rivers Day, in solidarity with tribes, calling for the removal of the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River. Continue reading

Projections in LA Remember Ten Years After Occupy

Backbone Campaign and the LA solidarity brigade gathered in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Occupy movement.  Bill Moyer, Executive Director of Backbone Campaign, spoke with host Margaret Flowers on the podcast Clearing the Fog, exploring how the Occupy movement shaped the activism that followed for the last decade.  Continue reading

Actions on the Border: Free the Children

Outside of Fort Bliss in El Paso,Texas,  Witness at the Border, Border Network for Human Rights, the Coalition to End Child Detention-El Paso, and other local supporters gathered for a Candle light vigil. Inside the fort over 2,000 migrant children remain detained by the US Department of Health and Human Services. The groups held a candlelight vigil with lighted banner at Almada Park across from the gates of Fort Bliss to call attention to migrant child detention. After making statements to the press the banner was displayed and visible from the highway. Continue reading

Ferry Terminal Bannering to Free the Snake

A free-flowing lower Snake River will save endangered salmon for economies, communities, tribal rights, orca, and the generations of tomorrow. Frustrated by inaction from our Washington State delegation, activists deployed Backbone banners at three ferry terminals, located in the home communities of Governor Jay Inslee and Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell.   Continue reading

Banner Deployed for Improved Medicare For All

The Seattle Yesler Overpass Banner crew deployed a new Improved Medicare for All banner, as a follow up to last month's Medicare For All March. Continue reading

Smoky Skies Drive the Urgency of Wenatchee's Climate Action

Brutal and expansive wildfire seasons are making smoky summer skies the norm across the Pacific North West. On a polluted evening in August, activists stood outside of the Walmart in Wenatchee, WA holding the illuminated Act On Climate LED Banner.  People passing though the intersection asked one of the activists, Kevin, what Act on Climate meant.  "I was in the mood for rant tonight and I pointed at the smoky skies, it means if we do not change and stop burning fossil fuels, no one is safe. We could all die." Continue reading

Save the Salmon Arrives at the Federal Building

Backbone Campaign deployed a new giant banner in front of the Federal Building in Seattle, calling on Senators Murray and Cantwell to take a stand and breach the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River. Continue reading

Save Wild Salmon! - Spokane, WA

Members of the Spokane Solidarity Brigade joined with Save Our wild Salmon allies and Backbone volunteers to deploy urgent messages to Senators Murray and Cantwell to stand with tribes and take needed action on the Lower Snake River by breaching the 4 dams there. Jacob and Steve, Cam, Jennifer, Harvey and Amy, David, Sam and Carrie held signs and a giant banner, and received lots of honks of support for salmon and steelhead. Continue reading

Backbone Supports Rally for the River Across Pacific NW

A Coalition of Grassroots Groups advocating for Snake River Restoration and LSR dam removal held events in 3 states - Washington, Oregon and Idaho - on August 7th to save the salmon and the southern resident orca that rely on them.  Attendees got on the water in kayaks, canoes, floats, and SUPs to highlight the need for a free flowing Snake River. Scientists have said for years that restoring the Snake River by removing the four deadly dams - constructed primarily so farmers could barge wheat down the river instead of using trains or trucks -is the single most effective way to begin restoring salmon and orca populations.  Continue reading

Resurrected Count Bleed Ya Dry spotted at Premera Protest

Health Care is a Human Right! The Washington Community Action Network protested outside of the corporate campus of Premera Blue Cross in Seattle, WA.  Premera Blue Cross is advocating to raise premiums by an 28.9%, while they continue to be the national leader in denying in network claims.  Backbone's giant puppet Count Bleed Ya Dry made an appearance to support the protesters.  Continue reading

Medicare For All March In Seattle

Backbone resurrected its Count Bleed Ya Dry puppet for the Seattle Medicare For All March, July 24th in Seattle. The massive puppet, with Uncle Sam on a gurney, an IV of blood going from Uncle Sam to the vampire that is the US Health Insurance Industry, and a syringe full of million dollar bills, took over the streets of downtown Seattle, from Westlake to a rally at Seattle Center. In addition, Backbone printed its Medicare For All cards, which were carried by many in the march and our Parade Director had the mic, singing songs about the urgency of health care for all. More info about Medicare For All HERE Continue reading

Shut Down BPA's Extinction Machines

Backbone Campaign brought props and banners down to BPA HQ in Portland OR, to raise awareness about the salmon and orca extinction vortex and need for immediate, bold recovery actions. BPA's stance on keeping the LSR dams in service is driving extinction. The action was a collaboration between NW Steelheaders Association, Sea Shepherd Portland, Columbia Riverkeeper and Backbone Campaign and was an excellent team effort. Thank you to photographer Erika Wendell for capturing the day. Continue reading

World Orca Day 2021

Orca loving folks in Seattle and Vashon Island took a life size orca to Westlake Center on World Orca Day.  They passed out flyers about the critical importance of standing with the tribes to save wild salmon by breaching the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River, in order for the Southern Resident orca to have enough food. Continue reading

Home Care is Essential

On July 13, Nevada home care workers came together to celebrate the passage of SB340 and support Biden's plan to invest in quality services and union jobs. Backbone's light panel letters supported this Las Vegas event, part of a nationwide day of action by SEIU home care workers in 24 cities. HOME CARE IS ESSENTIAL! Continue reading

Pardon Daniel Hale

In 2015, Daniel Everette Hale released documents revealing devastating failures in the U.S. drone war program, among them the widespread killing of civilians. For his truth-telling in the interest of humanity, Daniel has been prosecuted under the Espionage Act and is now being held in the Alexandria (Virginia) Detention Center awaiting sentencing on July 27, 2021. Continue reading

Projections with Indivisible Madison

Indivisible Madison projected on the trees outside of the Wisconson State Capital as part of #DeadlineforDemocracy.  Projecting "Democracy" outside of the Capital, aimed to remind state senators that their constituents are counting on them to end the filibuster and Pass the For the People Act. Defending our democracy is on a deadline!  Continue reading

Salmon & Orca Summit Solidarity Vigil

Non-Indian NGOs gathered outside the historic Salmon & Orca Summit (July 7-8) to show our support for the Summit's purpose, to have elected officials hear the concerns, desires and experiences of the tribes and why they want elected officials to get behind the "Simpson Plan."  Activists greeted tribal leaders and representatives for elected officials as they entered the tribal summit. Continue reading

Creative Tactics Presentation to Texas Campaign for the Environment

Check out Bill Moyer of Backbone Campaign presenting on some of Backbone Campaign's Creative Tactics at the Texas Campaign for the Enviorment.  Continue reading

Friends in Wenatchee Banner Through the Heat Wave

In the midst of a heatwave with temperatures reaching over 95, friends from Wenatchee 350 and Climate Conversations gathered to banner in downtown Wenatchee.  Continue reading

Diane Wilson - "An Unreasonable Woman" on direct action & the use of Hunger Strikes

Drop in on the amazing conversation between Bill Moyer of Backbone and Diane Wilson on direct action and hunger strikes!  Diane Wilson is a fourth-generation shrimper, boat captain, mother of five, author, and an environmental, peace, and social justice advocate. During the last 30 years, she has launched legislative campaigns, demonstrations, hunger strikes, sunk boats, and even climbed chemical towers in her fight to protect her Gulf Coast bay. Continue reading

Senator Murray: Breach this Dam!

Team Backbone loaded up their gear and drove across the state to execute a light projection to restore America's most endangered river, the Snake River. Projecting directly on the Lower Granite Dam, the projections sought to inspire action pressuring Senators Murray and Cantwell (D-WA) and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee to remove the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River and earmark Biden infrastructure plan funding to support the Columbia Basin Initiative.  Continue reading

#FreePalestine projections at the Capitol

On May 17th, D.C solidarity Brigade members projected messages in support of Palestine onto the streets of the Capitol. They worked to spread free Palestine messages, and messages calling out US support of Israel just a day after three residential buildings were flattened and the death toll in Gaza had nearly reached 200. Fifty-eight of those 200, were children.       Continue reading

Breach the Dams and Restore Snake River!

Backbone supports The Simpson Plan and the breaching of the dams on the Lower Snake River. With the help of volunteers, we’ve made and deployed 6 banners across Washington State, with the message to elected officials that Pacific North West supports wild salmon and the restoration of the Snake River and it’s time to breach the four Lower Snake River dams. Continue reading

Projections and Music Restore Downtown Portland

After a year of intense lockdowns the downtown square in Portland, Maine was filled with images and music.  "We filled the square with projections and music...and we waited. And the people came. They danced, they had conversations with friends they hadn’t seen and just soaked it all up. Our beloved Portland was restored to us for a few hours that evening and we were reminded of what we had been missing for so long". Said Tina Davidosn, a projectionist in Portland.    For one evening LumenARRT (Maine’s large-scale projection group that works with non-profits) collaborated with the Kneeling Art Photography Project ( ahead of their first gallery series.   Continue reading

Supporting the Puyallup Water Warriors

On May 4th Backbone organized a team to support the Puyallup Water Warriors’ action against the LNG plant that Puget Sound Energy illegally built on unceded land and waters. Our inflatable Orca -Tahlequah, globe, and salmon joined the procession.  Continue reading

Hard Road of Hope - panel discussion

Backbone Campaign ED Bill Moyer was a guest panelist after a screening of Hard Road of Hope, a documentary by Eleanor Goldfield. The film screening was sponsored by community based organizers in coal regions, and the discussion focused on just transition solutions and community connections.   Continue reading

11 cities lit up in solidarity with Gulf Coast Folx and #PowerShift2021

  In solidarity with Gulf Coast Folx and those on the frontlines of climate change and economic vulnerabilities, Backbone Campaign Solidarity Brigade projectionists shone "Climate Justice is Economic Justice" and "Climate Justice is Racial Justice" in 11 cities across the US: Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Bellingham, Wenatchee, Bay Area, Kansas City, Houston, Madison, Portland Maine, Spokane. Continue reading

Waiting for the Jury's Verdict

On the culminating eve Derek Chauvin's trial for his murder of George Floyd, solidarity brigade members projected "Stop Killer Cops" on the store in front of which Floyd was murdered by Chauvin on May 25th, 2020.  Continue reading

Light Projections on the Wisconsin State Capitol

The Solidarity Brigade, in conjunction with, projected onto the Wisconsin State Capitol building despite warnings from the police. Light projection is a great way to quickly have an impactful action in a safe way during the pandemic. The projections supported the Build Back Fossil Free campaign. The campaign urges President Biden that in order to fulfill his promise of "build back better" we need to build back fossil-free!   Continue reading

Commuters catch the Stop Line 3 Banner in Madison

Getting the message out to thousands of daily drivers, activists hung a banner across busy Campus Drive in Madison, Wisconsin. As the snows start to melt,  there is a continued pressure to get Biden to halt Line 3, a proposed tar sands pipeline that would run through Minnesota to Wisconsin. Continue reading

Pre Earth Day Actions take over Wenatchee

Backbone Solidarity Brigade member Kevin partnered up with 350 Wenatchee and Climate Conversations NCW to kick off the month of April. With April 20-22nd  gearing up to be national days of climate-related actions, the group wanted to start garnering support and excitement ahead of Earth Day.  Continue reading

April Fools Press Conference From the Enbridge’s Execs

Madison Solidarty Brigade member Russ and other community activists from 350 Madison, staged a fake press conference on the steps of the capitol building on April 1st.    Continue reading

Across the country actions support the #BreakFreeFromPlasticAct

On March 25th the Break Free From Plastic Act was reintroduced to Congress by Sen. Jeff Merkley (OR) and Rep. Alan Lowenthal (CA). The bill moves to reduce plastic production before it ever has a chance to pollute, increase recycling rates, and protect frontline and fenceline communities. Originally introduced in 2020, the bill has been reintroduced with a letter of support signed by 416 organizations in the United States. Grassroots groups from around the US took the week of the reintroduction to launch actions in support of the Act.  Continue reading

Fighting Line 3 in Madison, WI

In Madison, activists continue to take on the fight to stop Line 3. Line 3, is a proposed pipeline extension that would bring tar sands from Canada, through Minnesota to Wisconsin. Line 3 directly violates the protected lands of the Anishinaabe peoples and would contribute more to climate change than Minnesota’s entire economy.  Activists projected messages against Line 3 and reminding Biden that his promise to Build Back Better needs to include ending pipelines.    On March 21st these projections appeared on the Madison Gas and Electric building.  Continue reading

CSO Jacob Johns to head to the Line 3 Resistance

Backbone raised funds for Jacob and his creative team to travel to the front lines of the Line 3 Resistance to participate in the week of action and deliver supplies to the camps in northern Minnesota. With the funds raised, Jacob was able to purchase supplies for the Red Lake Camp and deploy Backbone’s LED banner "Honor Treaties" outside of Enbridge HQ and the State Capitol. Enbridge's Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline threatens indigenous sovereignty, water, and sacred wild rice. This tar sands pipeline equates to starting 50 new coal plants. Now, as the planet is on the verge of a climate collapse, we must stand together and say NO MORE! Continue reading

A Silent Demonstration and Candlelight Vigil Marks Lives Lost to COVID-19 in Maui

Since the start of the pandemic, Hale Hawai’i has held protests around Maui to send elected officials a forceful message that residents are done with inadequate leadership during this pandemic. Maui has faced an exponential growth of positive cases while seeing little to no effort to keep the residence of Maui safe.  Continue reading

Hazard Pay For Essential Workers

The Solidarity Brigade in Portland, Maine showed up at City Hall in support of hazard pay for Maine’s essential workers. Portland's residence voted in 2020 to increase hazard pay for frontline essential workers, however, big corporations are refusing to honor the people's decision.  Continue reading

Projections with #BuildBackFossilFree

In D.C the Solidarity Brigade projected in collaboration with the #BuildBackFossilFree campaign.  Continue reading

Mainer's pressure Senator Collins

People in Maine came together to demand justice and accountability by pressuring Senator Collins to do her duty and convict Trump of the heinous crime of inciting a deadly riot on our Capitol. They utilized Backbone's freeway banner technique, LED banners, and light projections to keep the pressure on while building solidarity and hope in the community.   Continue reading

Local activists in the Rio Grande Valley shine focus on the border wall.

On January 16th local activists and residents partnered with the Rio Grande Valley No Border Wall Coalition and the Texas Cilvil Rights Project. to project messages that targeted the then-president-elect Biden. During Joe Biden's campaign, he promised "not another foot of border wall would be built", his words inspiring activists to launch the Not Another Foot Campaign - to remind him of that promise.     Continue reading

Remove Trump Actions

Solidarity Brigade members projected and held banners on busy freeway overpasses for several days in multiple cities. Their message was to demand the VP and Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment and for Congressional action to Impeach Trump.     Continue reading

Light projections urge lawmakers to take action against Trump

Following the insurrection on January 6th, folks in Portland, Maine felt called to action to send a clear message that the 45th President is a threat to our country and our democracy. Their light projections urged that every lawmaker must take immediate action to remove Trump from office following the insurrection he incited on our Capitol.   Continue reading

#Protectthesacred Projections in Solidarity with Frontline Indigenous Communities

On January 5th, Phil, with the DC Solidarity Brigade, projected images on to the Museum of the American Indian, and the Department of the Interior. A mix of digital and GOBO projections, the action was in solidarity with frontline indigenous communities who are working to protect arctic lands from drilling.         Continue reading

Backbone turns 17!

Backbone celebrated our 17th birthday over zoom, like many others this year. Enjoy an image-rich video tour of Backbone's work and celebratory testimonials from authors, veteran activists, and even a documentary filmmaker.

Standing with Essential Workers

The Solidarity Brigade in D.C brought LED light banners outside of the Kaiser offices. Kaiser healthcare workers were negotiating for better Personal Protective equipment and hazard pay, as they go to work on the frontlines of the pandemic every day.   Continue reading


Backbone joined with the Center for Biological Diversity and other organizations on the #PlasticFreePresident campaign. A campaign centered around reducing plastic consumption to elevate plastic pollution. Their immediate campaign focuses on eight steps that President Biden can take without any action from Congress to pave the way for a plastic-free society.      Continue reading

'People Power' lights up Madison, Wisconsin

RB, our collaborator from Solidarity Brigade 4721, Northern Prairie Division, sub-unit for the Advancement of Revolutionary Love, took to the streets in December to project messages onto the dome of the Wisconson Capitol building, the seat of legislative power, and the side of the Madison Gas and Electric power plant.   Continue reading

A Guilty Verdict Projected on to the Supreme Court

This year the Supreme Court heard arguments against corporations Nestle and Cargill who have been sued for knowingly buying cacao beans from farms that used child slave labor. The DC solidarity brigade risked arrest to bring an LED light banner and a projection kit to the site of the Supreme court. With the combination of quick thinking and a helpful hand wagon to conceal the equipment, brigade members managed to project our guilty verdict directly on to the face of the Supreme Court: "Cargill is guilty".  Continue reading


In collaboration with the Athena Collation and Progressive International, Backbone Solidarity Brigade members around the country organized anti-Amazon projections on Black Friday.  The crew with the DC Soldiarty Brigade projected their messages directly on to the front of Jeff Bezos's DC mansion! Bezos saw his wealth grow by over 90 billion dollars during the global pandemic.      Continue reading

Backbone brings attention to Green New Deal at the DNC

In November, after the election, Backbone supported actions around the Democratic National Committee HQ.  Activists mobilized to pressure President-elect Biden to support indigenous, black, and brown communities with his cabinet nominations, as well as, honoring his campaign promises to invest in a green economy.    Backbone deployed light projections on the face of the DNC building as well as banners that were seen throughout the crowd.      Continue reading

1 company. 5 failed agencies. 7 million pounds of poison (lead). 10,000 homes. 100,000+ residents.

Backbone friends in East LA used light projection and a banner - as well as other creative tactics - to protest Judge Sontchi's decision to let Corporate Polluter Exide walk away from financial responsibility and criminal accountability.    Continue reading

Tallahassee Women's March 2020

Tallahassee Active Resistance (formally Stone Soup Street Action Committee) hosted the Tallahassee Women's March 2020.    Continue reading

Prime Day Actions Across the Nation Expose Amazon: Pandemic Profiteer

Amazon's Prime Day has become ubiquitous with shopping deals and fast deliveries while hiding the hazardous conditions that workers are forced to endure to meet those demands. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff Bezos's wealth has continued to expand, at the cost of the workers, working in hazardous conditions in his fulfillment centers.  Backbone collaborated with Athena, an anti-Amazon collation to take action in cities around the country, and expose the human cost of Prime Day      Continue reading

Seattle Banner Crew Greets Commuters every Tuesday

Backbone friends are bannering each Tuesday morning at the Yesler Way Overpass, greeting commuters on I5 with messages of VOTE VOTE VOTE, Medicare For All, Black Lives Matter, Trump Must Resign and more. In the space of an hour, a team of 2-6 folks can interact with many thousands of commuters who are mostly honking and giving a thumbs up of support.     Continue reading