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If you're excited about Backbone's brand of artful activism and want to fuel more actions like these, please make a donation here. Being the Nation's Prop Library for Progressive Activism requires staff, supplies, imagery shipping, and more.  We're all in this together, and we cannot do this without your support. 

Maryland Solidarity Brigade Projected Dismantle White Supremacy on confederate statue of General Lee

Backbone Solidarity Brigade of Maryland made a field trip to the confederate statue of General Lee calling for the Dismantling of White Supremacy. Continue reading

Bird-Dogging PSE for Greenwashing Fracked Gas

350 Seattle and Backbone Campaign teamed up to mobilize guerrilla light projection outside the NW Clean and Affordable Energy conference. We demanded that PSE go fossil fuel free! Continue reading

Protesting in Song - #DivestTheGlobe Solidarity Action on Vashon

Youth Tell Chase to Stop Funding Climate Disaster. Continue reading

350 Spokane Solidarity Action with Mazaska Talks at Wells Fargo

350 Spokane organized a solidarity action utilizing one of Backbone's inflatable pipelines as part of the #DivestTheGlobe actions taking place around the world. Continue reading

SB San Diego Projections for Racial Justice

The Overpass Light Brigade of San Diego and Backbone San Diego Solidarity Brigade mobilized guerrilla light projections in solidarity with racial justice and immigrant rights. OLBSD went to UC San Diego pairing their light projection messages with the lion signs expressing emotions of HOPE, ANGER and a desire for JUSTICE. Continue reading

Betsy DeVos Rally - Keep Public Education PUBLIC!

Backbone teamed up with the Equity in Education Coalition, Fuse and thousands of other friends to demand full funding of education and push back against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's attempts to privatize public education. Continue reading

Medicare For All - Maryland Solidarity Brigade Guerrilla Light Projections

Maryland's Backbone Solidarity Brigade and emblazoned buildings throughout Baltimore with a call to action demanding Medicare For All and Single Payer Now.  Continue reading

Vashon's "Stop PSE's LNG" Action in Solidarity with Puyallup

#ActOnClimate #RenewablesNow The Vashon community showed up in a big way with short notice to rise up against PSE's LNG greenwashing. Continue reading

Atlanta Solidarity Brigade Mobilizes Racial Justice Guerrilla Light Projections on confederate monuments

Altanta Solidarity Brigade mobilized Racial Justice Guerrilla Light Projections as part of a march to remove confederate monuments. The march and projections earned mainstream media coverage.  Continue reading