ACTION, the Antidote to Despair - Backbone's March 2018 Newsletter

We here at Backbone want to keep you updated on the latest happenings, opportunities for action and reports on the great work you and others are engaged in. 

Read our monthly Newsletter for a quick summary of actions in March and upcoming events in April.

Previously, in March:


Great actions took place in Tallahassee, Annapolis, Los Angeles, and San Francisco! Click on the links to see full Action Reports.

Check out the full Recent Actions blog to read about more awesome actions by Backbone's Solidarity Brigade teams around the country.  

If you're excited about Backbone's brand of artful activism and want to fuel more actions like these, please make a donation here.

Upcoming, in April:

  • April 7-10
    • Health Over Profit for Everyone, in partnership with Backbone Campaign, is offering the first Single Payer Action Camp in DC to build participants' skills in strategy, messaging and direct action to win National Improved Medicare for All. Get more details and reserve your spot here.  
  • April 9
    • Following the Action Camp, there is a March for National Improved Medicare for All in DC. Folks who don't attend the Action Camp are more than welcome to join. Check out the Facebook Event page.
  • April 10
  • April 18
    • As always, there is a Solidarity Brigade video call on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5pmPacific/8pmEST. All folks with a connection to Backbone are encouraged to join in and discuss actions, techniques, and next steps. Get Call In Info by RSVP'ing here.  If you aren't sure what a Solidarity Brigade is and are looking to find out, take a look at the Solidarity Brigade page!
  • April 22
    • Earth Day! Plan an action to celebrate the earth or join a local action near you. Could your event use a Backbone inflatable globe?

Backbone needs your help to facilitate more actions that make an impact:


If you're excited about Backbone's brand of artful activism and want to fuel more actions like these, please make a donation here. Being the Nation's Prop Library for Progressive Activism requires a monthly budget for staff, supplies, warehouse space rent, imagery shipping, and more.  We're all in this together, and we cannot do this without your support. 

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Together, we can transform crisis into opportunity and despair into hope by taking impactful action on the issues we all care about. And action by action, we'll build the world we aspire to create.

Forward Together!  

Team Backbone