June Spinal Column: Shining lights, raising banners to dismantle white supremacy

Backbone Campaign is bringing out our tools to support the Movement for Black Lives' call for systemic overhaul of our justice systems, as well as the call for Trump to resign.  Several of our teams across the US are heading out tonight for light projection and bannering.  Our fearless Solidarity Brigade leader and friend Phil Ateto rocked his light in unprecedented ways last night in DC, near the White House.  The video of him mixing projection with shining a light on snipers and cops on rooftops has gone viral. His projection onto the military truck in Lafayette Square and other projections - capturing the message of the protests - were lauded in the Washington Post.  Continue reading

Spinal Column for May 1st - How we're making the "New Normal" more just and sustainable

Today, May Day, launches the beginning of an ongoing nationwide General Strike. Backbone projectionists went out this week to shine lights in solidarity with #GeneralStrike2020.  Our volunteer video editor with Maya Media is creating a video of the 8-city projection, and we'll be sending that out this weekend. Stay tuned! Strike organizers have identified 3 prongs: resistance through noncompliance (ie Don't Buy Anything; Refuse Rent to giant corporate landlords; Cancel Debt), mutual aid support networks, and building alternative systems in our communities rooted in cooperation, solidarity and participatory democracy. From growing food resilience to making masks for frontline workers to buying food from locally owned grocers, we have power when we work together.  Continue reading

Spinal Column: December 27, 2019

Things have been hopping at Backbone this month, from a creative tactics training for community based organizations in Southern California to supporting multi-city actions on Impeachment and climate, to Solutionary Rail momentum. Here are some highlights: Training in Creative Tactics for EJ Activists in the Inland Empire Continue reading

Spinal Column: November 8, 2019

New Props to Make Your Action POP!  Thanks to the dedicated work of our volunteer Backbone Builder's Guild, we have a number of new beautiful images to share.  What can you use for your actions and campaigns? Continue reading

Spinal Column: October 3, 2019

"Our Future Depends on our Actions Today" Backbone has had a busy 2 weeks - light projections in 14 cities around the Climate Strike, imagery in multiple cities, a beautiful and successful gala fundraiser, Awards Presentations to some of the best Change Agents in the country, and work on Solutionary Rail, Backbone's project to decarbonize energy and transportation. Check out this fun video highlighting Backbone's coast to coast actions the week of the Climate Strike!   Continue reading

Spinal Column: August 20, 2019

Backbone has been honored to be part of several actions this summer, to take a stand against the illegal persecution of humans seeking asylum in the US.   Lights for Liberty Action Backbone Solidarity Brigade members shone lights in 12 cities last month, to light up our demands: shut down the for-profit prisons that are holding immigrants; stop the criminalization of migration; abolish ICE.  Continue reading

Spinal Column June 4, 2019

Because of the many ways you take action and support this creative, solutionary work, Backbone has had a jam packed spring and there is lots to share. Continue reading

Spinal Column March 18, 2019

Thanks to the many ways you take action and your support of this bold activism, Backbone has been busier than ever. Continue reading

The Spinal Column - Dec 6, 2018

This month's news: Our Office Manager/Bookkeeper Judy Olson has retired, Human Orca Murals across Washington State, Baby Trump Southern California Tour, Solidarity Brigade progress, and upcoming events. Continue reading