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Far from anything green or clean, if allowed to go forward this methanol refinery would guzzle precious resources and spew back out a plethora of poisons. 

The proposed fracked gas refinery is a false solution to a problem we don't have. China wants to use this proposed plant in their plans to produce more plastics we don't need while they leave our communities, especially Tacoma, on the hook with all the hazards.

Someone must have been huffing too many fossil fuel fumes, because who in their right mind would want this? Consider this, the proposed methanol refinery would:

  • Siphon 10.4 million gallons of water per day when all of Tacoma uses 16 million gallons a day. Washington state is already on course for debilitating drought, why exacerbate it?
  • Spew 1.44 million gallons of waster water byproducts into Tacoma's drinking water treatment facility. Right now the news is littered with reports of Flint Michigan declaring a state of emergency dealing with the devastating health effects and poisoned drinking water because of an inadequate and overburdened water treatment system. Let's not be next.
  • Pollute our air with benzene, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxides and more. Tacoma has spent the past two decades cleaning up pollution to our water, land and air left behind by the Asarco Smelter, mills, chemical plants, and foundries. Dirt is still being dug up and replaced in schoolyards, residential lawns and city parks. Do we want to return to our polluted past?
  • Consume Fracked Gas from dangerous pipelines. We can't even burn the fossil fuels we have now much less pump more if we are to have any chance of averting catastrophic climate change.

Say No to Merchants of Meth(anol), there's nothing natural about fracked gas.

  • California declared a state of emergency with thousands being displaced after the largest methane leak in U.S. history said to be the worst environmental disaster since BP's Deep Water Horizon explosion.
  • Methane, which spews from the fracked gas wells used to produce methanol, is 86x more potent as a climate changing gas than CO2.
  • Oklahoma is experiencing unprecedented earthquakes from FrackedGas and contamination of drinking water is rampant in communities beleaguered by fracking. 

We don't need a slew of new toxins and byproducts seeping into our drinking water and spilling into the same shores that are only now beginning to recover from our polluted past. It's time we leap forward into a new energy economy by investing our time and resources into truly sustainable green jobs.